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Christmas week at Reckhorn:

From 1 January 2016 to 15 January 2017 inclusive
Reckhorns Weihnachtswochen
 Weihnachtsangebote bei Reckhorn  
When buying a pair of S-300 (€ 399.-)
you get one for free
DSP-6 frequency crossover b-good in value of € 299.-
And this is not yet everything:
A test report S-300 with approval for our online advertising
we will refund € 50.-

Weihnachtspräsente bei Reckhorn  

And another Christmas present for you:
From a shopping value of € 150.- you get a free BT-K Bluetooth headset



All good things come in threes:

For an order value over € 500.- you get a BT-K Bluetooth headset and a BT-2 stereo Bluetooth speaker for free

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